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Vigilance Corner

CVC plays a pivotal role in uprooting and eradicating corruption among the Government Machineries. Vigilance Division at Chennai Port Trust functioning from the year 1980 serves as a Central Agency and striving for ensuring purity, integrity and efficiency in the organization. Vigilance work can be successful and productive with the co-operation of all the Officers and Employees. This vigilance corner is commited to provide information on public interest and be a guideline for any genuine user to have information on Vigilance functions and accessibility.

Mission and Vision

  • To ensure zero corruption organizational atmosphere and best performances with sincerity and integrity by the individual employees.


Vigilance Department performs its functions on the guidelines given by the Central Vigilance Commission. Fundamental and important operation is Preventive Vigilance, Punitive Vigilance and Surveillance and Detection. Preventive Vigilance is applied more which includes surprise inspections for detecting negative factors, keep track of sensitive spots for keeping vigilance eye, checks, scrutiny of procurement and contract files, scrutiny of property returns of officers/employees, Annual Accounts with Audit Report and Action Taken Notes etc. This office coordinates with Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), Chief Technical Examiner (CTE), Ministry of SHipping (Vigilance Wing). Maintaining of vigilance status of all officers/employees is done.

Port bulletin

Annual Port Bulletin "Voice of Vigilance - 2016'' with main theme of ''Public Participation in promoting integrity and Eradicating Corruption'' was released during this year Vigilance Awareness Week celebrated from 31.10.2016 to 05.11.2016. This annual bulletin mainly focuses to furnish updated guideline for vigilance awareness.

Ways and Means for Making Complaints

  1. Online registration of complaints on vigilance related issues is launched by the Hon'"ble Union Minister of Shipping on 11.12.2010. Through this system, the complainant can lodge complaints online and the status can be viewed based on the complaint number provided by the system.  Liaison Officers have been nominated for each Department to monitor the online complaints in respect of their Departments. The officers designated for each department for handling complaints has been hosted in the Port website.  Periodically Chief Vigilance Officer monitors the status of the complaints.The website address to lodge complaints is www.chennaiport.gov.in.  This website has also provisions for auto acknowledgement as well as to obtain the status of the complaint.

  2. Complaints may also be made through toll free number 1800 4250 120 against corruption (10.00 am to 5.00 pm) Monday to Saturday (Except 2nd and 4th Saturday)

  3. Complaint boxes are kept physically at all entry points of the Chennai Port Trust Office and is inspected every working day. The same may also be used for lodging complaints.

Integrity Pact

To bring about transparency in the procurements and healthy competitiveness in award of contracts, the Trust has adopted the Integrity Pact Agreement. The Integrity Pact Agreement basically envisages an agreement between the bidder and the Port not to exercise corrupt influence on any aspect of the contract.

The Trust has been pioneer in adopting the Integrity Pact and it was initially decided to cover all works relating to purchase / contracts / services to the threshold value of Rs.50 lakhs and above. M&EE Department is the Nodal Department and the same is being monitored by Vigilance Department.

Independent External Monitors (IEMs)

Shri. M. Selvaraj,Ex-Director(Fin)

Flat No.248,Wing D2,Om Shubhkarma CHS Ltd

Karmakshetra,SS Nagar, Mumbai - 400037,

Mobile No: 919833648416,e-mail: selvarajmdl@gmail.com.

Shri. R. Ramabadran Krishnan, Ex-Director (HR)

A4, Alkapuri,Bhopal - 462024, Madhya Pradesh.

Mobile No: 09871956222. e-mail: rkrishnan1955@gmail.com

Leveraging Technology

E-procurement for the first time was launched in the Port on 03.11.2012 in presence of Shri. N. Vittal, IAS (Retd), former Central Vigilance Commissioner.

The Bill status and tracking the payment of bills has been displayed in the port website.

Notice inviting tenders are posted in website and corrigendum is also published in the website against particular tender wherever there is amendment.

Online vendor registration has been introduced. The vendor can also submit his application online.

All work contract of value Rs.2 Lakhs and above and all procurement and auction of Rs.2 lakhs and above are done through e-procurement mode.

Vigilance Awareness Week Celebration 2016

This celebration every year is performed to sensitize the employees / Port Users / Students / Public to educate on common irregularities, malpractices, misconduct and preventive checks.   The central theme of this year celebration is Public Participation in Promoting Integrity and Eradicating Corruption and is celebrated from 31.10.2016 to 05.11.216.  

As an offshoot, Chennai Port Trust Vigilance Department conducted various light throwing activities like taking pledge, arranging lectures for Port Officials and Port Users and conducting various competitions for schools and colleges students in order to spread awareness of vigilance and creation of corruption free society. 

The Bulletin,   Voice    of    Vigilance    was     released     by   Shri.P. Raveendran, IRTS, Chairman Chennai Port Trust during this occasion for news and guidance for being vigilant and commit to high standard of honesty and integrity at all times and support the fight against corruption.

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