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The Fire and Safety Organisation at Chennai Port is under the overall control of the Deputy Conservator who is also designated the Port Safety Officer. A Professional Fire Officer assists the Deputy Conservator in so far as the day to day working of the Port Fire Service is concerned. He is also the Asst. Safety Officer for the Port and looks after the enforcement of Safety Regulations on behalf of the Deputy Conservator through Safety Inspectors.

On Fire fighting side Fire Officer is assisted by 2 Asst. Fire Officers, Safety Inspectors and Sub Officers. There are Five Fire Stations with a Total Strength of 190 Fire Service Personnel located in Port Premises and rendering Rescue Service, Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention Work round the clock.

All the Port Premises including Offices have been provided with First Aid Fire Fighting Equipments (Fire Buckets, fire Aid Hose Reel and Fire Extinguishers) and being maintained by Port Fire Service Personnel.

The Following Fire Appliances are being maintained by Port Fire Service distributed at all the Five Fire Stations.

  1. Foam Tender - I

  2. Foam Tender - II

  3. Water Tender - I

  4. Water Tender - III

  5. DCP Tender

  6. Mobile Dry Powder Trailer Unit

  7. Mobile Dry Powder Trailer Unit

  8. Fire Tender -I

  9. Fire Tender - II

  10. Fire Tender -IV

  11. Jeep

  12. ISPS(SUMO)

  13. Trailer Pump - I

  14. Trailer Pump - II

  15. Trailer Pump - III

  16. Trailer Pump - IV (GODIVA)

  17. Hi.Ex.Foam Generator - 1

  18. Hi.Ex.Foam Generator - 2

  19. Hi.Ex.Foam Generator - 3

  20. Hi.Ex.Foam Generator - 4

  21. Hi.Ex.Foam Generator - 5

  22. High Volume Long Range Monitor at B.D.1

  23. High Volume Long Range Monitor at B.D.3


Oil Terminal

Bharathi Dock - I and Bharathi Dock - III have been provided with the following fixed Fire Fighting system.

  1. Remote Control Tower Monitor system capable of giving both water or Foam for a duration of one hour.

  2. Hydrant system with number of Hydrant heads.

  3. Water Spray Protection System for both Loading Arms and Tower Monitors.


Centenary Building

  1. Wet Riser fixed fire fighting system.

  2. Hydrant System


Afloat Fires

All the shipping Tugs have been provided with Remote Control Monitor system, Hydrant System, Water Spray Protection System to tackle any type of Afloat Fires.



Port Fire Service Personnel are being sent for Professional Training at Tamilnadu Fire & Rescue Services Training Centre and also National Fire Service College Nagpur and National Maritime Academy.

All the Port Workers, Port Users, CISF Unit are given Periodical Training in Basic Fire Fighting, ISPS code, Handling of Hazardous Cargo and Emergency Prepardeness.


Drills And Mock Drills

Physical Training, Squad Drills and other Fire Service Technical Drill are being carried out as per All India Fire Service Drill Manual daily from 06.30 to 08.30 to inculcate Good Discipline and Good Co-ordination. Periodical Mock Drills are being conducted under the Supervision of Dock Master at different Port Premises.


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