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Seek help of Directorate of Public Grievances in resolution of grievances relating to Ministries/Departments and Organisations under its purview.
Concession in Vessel Related Charges for all container vessels extended till 31.03.2017.
Concession in Vessel Related Charges for cruise movement.
Concession in VRC & wharfage charges for transportation of automobiles through coastal RORO vessels.
Life Certificate Verification of Pensioners/Family Pensioners for 2016 from 01.11.2016 to 15.12.2016
Notification to Pensioners
Trade Notice on PCS registration
Trade Notice-Ease of Doing Business
Change in Tally Sheet Format for Export & Import.
Concession on Vessel Related Charges for Break Bulk Vessels
Standard Operating Procedure for refund of concession of Vessel Related charges for mainline container vessels
Liason Officers for Handling Complaint Handling Policy
Concession on Vessel Related Charges for Mainline Container Vessels
Trade Notice - Reduction of Heavy lift Charges
Trade Notice for Instalation/Operation of 2 Nos Mobile Harbour Cranes
Berthing Policy
TRADE NOTICE....Anchorage operations at Chennai Port"
Cruise Tourism through Chennai Port
Priority Berthing
Life certificate form for pensioners
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