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 Materials Management Division (M&EE Dept)
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Tender NoTitleEstimated Value in Rs.DateClose DateAmendment
ESA-185021 Printing & Supply of 3 items.  25/6/201820/7/2018
EKAN-183534 Supply of 3 sizes of cable.  25/6/201817/7/2018
EJAN-182540 Purchase of Pipe wrench 14'',24''  21/6/201811/7/2018
EJAN-182538 Purchase of Elbows & Unions.  20/6/201812/7/2018
ESA-185026 Purchase of Maplitho paper for photo copier-size A3 80GSM (297x420mm)  20/6/20189/7/2018
EAAN-180515 Purchase of Stainless Steel Hydraulic Equal Union 12 mm  20/6/20185/7/2018
ESAN-185515 Purchase of Printed Proforma Annual Property Return Forms.  18/6/20182/7/2018
EJA-182020 Purchase of Broom Rangoon, Broom Coconut 2" to 2 1/2",Floor Cleaning Mops,Broom Bass.  18/6/20189/7/2018
EJAN-182536 Purchase of 9 sanitary items.  16/6/20185/7/2018
EJAN-182535 Purchase of Non - Return Valve 50mm (GUN METAL)  16/6/20185/7/2018
EJA-182022 Purchase of Water Proof Cemenet Paint Pale Grey with ISI mark as per IS 5410/1976 or latest.  16/6/20186/7/2018
EJA-182018 Purchase of Rustolene in Sealed Leak Proof Plastic Tins of 500ml.  16/6/20184/7/2018
EJA-182017 Purchase of Soap Soft Packed in leak proof packing.  16/6/20183/7/2018
EKAN-183533 Purchase of 400 watts copper ballast.  14/6/20184/7/2018
EJAN-182537 Purchase of 3 sizes of bends.  8/6/201829/6/2018
EJA-182021 Purchase of Bleaching powder.  8/6/201829/6/2018
EJA-182016 Purchase of Paint Aluminium Heat Resisting.  8/6/201828/6/2018
EJA-182008 Purchase of Perfumed Disinfectant Deodorant Powder,Floor Cleaning Mops,Broom Coconut 2" to 2 1/2" dia.  7/6/201827/6/2018
EKAN-183531 Purchase of 3 types of Wall Mounting fan sweeps.  7/6/201825/6/2018
EJA-182015 Purchase of Fluid Disinfectant non perfumed (Black Phenol)  5/6/201825/6/2018
EJA-182019 Purchase of Broom Rangoon.  5/6/201828/6/2018

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