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 Materials Management Division (M&EE Dept)
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Tender NoTitleEstimated Value in Rs.DateClose DateAmendment
EKAN-173508 Purchase of 2 items of Battery terminals.  28/2/20179/3/2017
EKAN-173504 Purchase of Maintenance free fully charged lead acid batteries  28/2/20179/3/2017
ESAN-175506 Purchase of Padak Wood.  27/2/201716/3/2017
EAAN-170510 Purchase of Rubber Hose.  27/2/201710/3/2017
EJA-172002 Purchase of "Kuthuvilakku Brass 18" (Height ) weighing 650 grams with engraving "Presented by the Chairman, Chennai Port Trust"  24/2/201727/3/2017
EJA-172001 Purchase of Barrel Nipple GI 40mm, 50mm, 25mm & Valve Check GM 2" (vertical Type).  24/2/20179/3/2017
EKAN-173506 Purchase of 500 Watts Halogen Lamp 230 Volt Halogen Lamp 230 Volt AC,50 Hz.  24/2/201713/3/2017
MEE/T/KA/e-73/17/MM Supply of 4 items of UG Cable.  24/2/201722/3/2017
MEE/T/GA/e-74/17/MM Supply of Railway Track Materials.  24/2/201723/3/2017
MEE/T/F3/ e-76/17/MM e-Auction for the sale of Unserviceable /Condemned Wagon Handling System-Tippler I & II  24/2/201714/3/2017
MEE/T/F3/e-75/17/MM Auction Catalogue Volume I & II e-Auction for the sale of Unserviceable /Condemned Scrap Materials Plant &Machineries/Surplus items.  24/2/201714/3/2017
EJAN-172505 Purchase of 100 mm Ball Foot Valve.  23/2/201710/3/2017
EJAN-172502 Purchase of Metallic steam Jointing with wire.  23/2/201717/3/2017
EJAN-172501 Purchase of PR Composite pipe.  23/2/201720/3/2017
EJA-172009 Purchase of Enamel exterior Type 2 finishing colour white,black & Turpentine Oil  23/2/20172/3/2017
EJA-172008 Purchase of Electrode MS 10G.  23/2/201718/3/2017
EJA-172007 Purchase of Sheet Steam Jointing Asbestos,General purpose Epoxy compound,Rustolene,Cement Gasket Shellac,Cloth Emery Coarse.  23/2/201720/3/2017
EJA-172004 Purchase of Insertion India Rubber 1/8" thick x 3' wide, Meter Water 3/4" With ISI Mark.  23/2/201710/3/2017
EAAN-170508 Purchase of Sponge Rubber beading 4 items.  23/2/20178/3/2017
EAAN-170507 Purchase of RO Spares.  23/2/201720/3/2017
EAAN-170506 Purchase of Split AC Spares.  23/2/201721/3/2017
ESA-175004 Printing & Supply of Stationery Items.  23/2/201718/3/2017
EAAN-170505 Purchase of Guage S.S Size ; 2.5 ECO Glicerin Filled.  20/2/201717/3/2017
EAAN-170504 Puchase of Radiator with Mounting Bracket.  20/2/201714/3/2017
EAAN-170503 Purchase of Marine Lantern colour Red,Green & White.  20/2/201715/3/2017
EAAN-170502 Purchase of Electrical Rubber Mat Black colour.  20/2/201718/3/2017
EJAN-172504 Purchase of Pipe PVC 63 mm,PVC Elbow 63 mm,PVC Male Threaded Adapter 63 mm,PVC Coupling 63 mm  18/2/20176/3/2017
EJA-172005 Purchase of Turpentine Oil, Enamel exterior Type 2 finishing colour white.  18/2/201713/3/2017
ESAN-175502 Purchase of Microphone Cable/VGA Cable /Audio Video Cable.  18/2/201715/3/2017
ESA-175009 Printing & Supply of Outpatient consulting register etc.  16/2/201713/3/2017
ESA-175007 Purchase of 5 stationery items.  16/2/20173/3/2017
ESA-175008 Printing & Supply of 6 Items.  16/2/20173/3/2017
EKAN-173505 Purchase of 400 Watts Asymmetrical type integeral (inbuilt Choke)  13/2/20171/3/2017
ESA-175001 Purchase of FILE FLAT "URGENT", File office 10" x 14"  7/2/201728/2/2017
EAAN-170501 Purchase of Reciprocating Compressor 1.5 Ton,2 Ton Capacity.  4/2/20171/3/2017

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