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 Materials Management Division (M&EE Dept)
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Tender NoTitleEstimated Value in Rs.DateClose DateAmendment
EAAN-180512 Purchase of Spares for RO Plant membrane  23/4/20188/5/2018
EKAN-183521 Purchase of Flourscent Tube Lamps  21/4/20189/5/2018
EJAN-182520 Purchase of PVC Elbow,Coupling  21/4/201811/5/2018
MEE/SA/Stationery items/Misc/18/MM Budgetary Offer for Purchase of Printing and Supply of stationery items  19/4/201830/4/2018
EJA-182010 Purchase of Soap Soft.  17/4/20187/5/2018
EJAN-182521 Purchase of Metalic Steam Jointing.  17/4/20187/5/2018
EJA-182011 Purchase of Elbow G.I,Coupling Reducers.  17/4/20187/5/2018
ESAN-185512 Purchase of Chipping Hammer, MS Wire (Scrapper),Goggels,MS Scrapper L type.  17/4/20185/5/2018
EJAN-182522 Purchase of C.I.Pin Bush Coupling set with Bolt and Bush  13/4/20183/5/2018
EGA-181011 Purchase of Industrial Gases.  13/4/201827/4/2018
EGAN-181510 Purchase of Welder Shoes.  12/4/201830/4/2018
ESA-185015 Printing & Supply of 4 items.  12/4/201830/4/2018
ESA-185014 Purchase of Tags,Punch Plier,Luggage Label,Paste.  10/4/201830/4/2018
MEE/e-T/KA/183520/18/MM Supply of Steel Wire Rope.  10/4/201826/4/2018
EJAN-182519 Purchase of Rust removing Spray (Quantity 400 ml to 550 ml)  10/4/20182/5/2018
EJA-182009 Purchase of Bolts with Nuts & washer.  10/4/201830/4/2018
EKAN-183519 Purchase of 28 Watts Four Feet, Energy Efficient T5 Tube Lamp.  9/4/201827/4/2018
MEE/T/F3/ e-86/18/MM E-auction - Disposal of plants and Machineries - Auction Catalogue  7/4/201827/4/2018
EJAN-182518 Purchase of Long Stick Cleaning Brush.  7/4/201830/4/2018
EJAN-182517 Purchase of Sheet Steam Jointing Asbestos,M-Seal,Rustolene etc.  7/4/201827/4/2018
ESA-185012 Supply of (DF -19) Note Pad.  7/4/201827/4/2018
ESA-185011 Purchase of Computer Continous Stationery.  7/4/201827/4/2018
EJAN-182516 Purchase of UPVC Pipe fittings.  6/4/201825/4/2018
EJAN-182514 Purchase of PVC moulded wheeled bins.  6/4/201824/4/2018
EJA-182007 Purchase of Barrel Nipple, Valve Wheel etc.  6/4/201824/4/2018
EJA-182006 Purchase of Electrode.  6/4/201825/4/2018

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