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 Mechanical And Electrical Engineering Department
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Tender NoTitleEstimated Value in Rs.DateClose DateAmendment
MEE/FR3/301/2017/DYCME(W) Quotation for Rewinding & Reconditioning Of 2 Nos. 10 HP & 3 Nos. 20 HP Monoblock Pumpsets At Various Location.  14/12/201729/12/2017
MEE/GC2/124/2017/DyCME(ES&CH) Budgetary Offer For Supply And Laying Of H.T. Cable From 33 KV Substation To A- Substation.  14/12/201727/12/2017
MEE/TR3/488/2017/DyCME(W) Budgetary Offer For Carrying Out Mechanical, Electrical, Painting And F.C. Works In The Vehicle No.TN-04-AJ-7809  13/12/201727/12/2017
MEE/EC2/77/2017/DyCME[EC&OS] Budgetary Offer for Supply And Installation Of Incoming Distribution Panel Box, Supply And Installation Of Auto On/Off Feeder Box, Laying Of LT etc  12/12/201722/12/2017
MEE/GC2/134/2017/DyCME(ES&CH) Budgetary Offer For Supply & Laying Of 3 Run 3 ½ Core X 185 Sq.Mm. 1.1KV Grade, LT, XLPE, Alu. Cable From ‘CB’ Substation L.T. Panel To Old AO etc  6/12/201720/12/2017
MEE/GC2/129/2017/DyCME(ES&CH) Budgetary Offer For Supply And Laying One Run Of 3 Core 185 Sq.Mm, 11 KV, HT, XLPE Cable From Old Work Shop To Gate No.7.  6/12/201720/12/2017
MEE/TR3/480/2017/DyCME(W) Budgetary Offer for Tinkering, Mechanical Electrical, Painting And F.C. Works In The Vehicle No.TN-04-C-4960  5/12/201719/12/2017
MEE/22/2017/DYCME(R&D) Design, Build, Test & Trials, Delivery And Commissioning Of Oil Spill Response Vessel And Supply Of Flex Barges And Shore Line Clean-Up Equipments.  4/11/201727/12/2017

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