What's New
Waiver of Port railway charges for container handled by M/s Concor through rail wagons
Exemption of cranage charges for landing direct delivery permitted cargo at Hook Point
Concession on Vessel Related Charges for Container Vessels for the period from 01/04/2018 to 31/03/2019
Newly paved area measuring 16000 sqm at ONB yard near gate No 7 inside Custom bound area is available for allotment for Cargo Storage purpose.
Ministry Order - Mandatory use of e-invoice,e-payment & e-Delivery Order by all stakeholders in Maritime Trade
Implementation of Online e-Delivery order eDO
Rationalisation of Tariff for Cruise Vessels in India
Corrigendum to the Trade Notice dt.29.06.2017,informing the revised Ad valorem based Wharfage charges
Trade Notice - Wharfage charges from per unit basis to Advalorem basis for Automobiles/Vehicles/Machineries and Equipment fitted with wheels
Re-introduction of Half-Shift Gang system for cargo handling operations
Concession for Coastal transportation of vehicles through RO-RO
Concession in Vessel Related Charges for cruise movement.
Concession in VRC & wharfage charges for transportation of automobiles through coastal RORO vessels.
Change in Tally Sheet Format for Export & Import.
Concession on Vessel Related Charges for Break Bulk Vessels
Standard Operating Procedure for refund of concession of Vessel Related charges for mainline container vessels
Concession on Vessel Related Charges for Mainline Container Vessels
Trade Notice for Instalation/Operation of 2 Nos Mobile Harbour Cranes
Berthing Policy
TRADE NOTICE....Anchorage operations at Chennai Port"
Cruise Tourism through Chennai Port
Priority Berthing
Port User Focus
Vessels at Berth
Vessels to be Berthed
Vessels at OA
Daily Vessels Position Report
Daily Expected Vessels Report
Vessel Position Report(After BM)
Daily Berth Allotment Details
Record Your Suggestions / Grievances
Chennai Port's Brochure
Citizens Charter
Land Information System(ChPTLIS)
Right To Information
Bill Payment Status & Refunds
Guidelines for release of 75% against Arbitration Award -Status
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Situated in the coromandel coast in South-East India, the port of Chennai has more than 100 years of tradition. Strategically located and well connected with major parts of the world, it is today the hub port on the Indian subcontinent. Committed to efficiency through innovation the four corner stones of the port will see much growth in the years to come. Continuous modernization, efficient services at minimum cost, simple and integrated procedures, and user-friendly approach.Port: Chennai (Ex Madras)(INMAA), Port Facility number: INMAA-0001

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Last Update on: 22 June 2018